About Us
Joncan Composite Sdn Bhd, your preferred partner in FRP manufacturing is a progressive and forward-looking fiberglass manufacturer strategically located in Johor Pekan Nanas, with close proximity to Singapore. Since our establishment in 1999 and with valuable support from both our esteemed customers and suppliers, we have grown leaps and bound from our humble beginnings to a sustainable company that places utmost focus in Quality Control and embracing modern FRP technology methods in our production process.

We specialize in all aspects of engineered FRP manufacturing which includes tank fabrication, FRP furniture, safety cabinets, firebox, public structures/facades, and construction equipment. In line with our expansion plan, we are moving into automotive parts manufacturing this year.

Our production methodology includes filament wiring, pultrusion, hand lay, vacuum infusion as well as RTM process. We firmly believe that Quality is a never-ending pursuit, which is why our management advocates for continuous training of our people.
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